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wAy to lEArn English

English is one of the most important subject in junior high so we should learn it well.Learning English just like learning other language, is hard work so we should spend lots of time on it every day. I think I have good ways of learning English, such as

NO.1 the way to learn English better English is one of the most important subjects in middle school. Almost everyone knows that we should learn English well, but few of us know how to learn it well. Karl Marx has set a good example for us. He once

Ways to learn English English is one of the most important langnages in the world. It is spoken all over the world.It's necessary to learn it well . Everyone learns English in different ways. The best way to improve your English is to improve your

Everyone wants to learn English well. But everyone has a different way of learning,.I want to tell you my way of learning English. When I learn new words, I will try my best to remember it and practice saying a few times.After reading the text, I will first

Rencetly i have had a dischssion about the ways to learn english with Jim ,a student from britain .Jim gave me a lot of good tips about learning English, for example, he suggested that I reading English newspapers, imperceptible improve their

There is no shortcut to learn English fast.one needs to accumulate as much as he/she can, in a long-term and effort-needed way of consistently reading,listening and speaking, which may not seems at first to get good effect but would turns out to be

等等!我来一篇 As we all know,English is becoming more and more important with the need of communication【交流】 all over the world. Then how to learn English and master【精通,掌握】 it to help us communicate【vt.交流】 with others

Since learning English can be hard and tedious. I always try to make it more fun and effective. My proudest way to learn English is through reading English novels. Some may believe novels are simply for entertainment. However, I find that not only

I think the best way to learn English is to use it as much as possible. You can use English by working with friends, making flashcards, reading the textbook, listening to cassettes and asking the teacher for help and so on. You can read English

My Way of Learning English Today, Enlish lauguage is becoimg more and more populor. It is very important for us to learn Engish well. I think the biggest difficulty in studying English is spoken English. Because we can often read it on the book and


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