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learn sth from sb是什么意思,在线解答,急!!!learn sth from sb ◆意思是:向某人学某事 例句:向王工程师学习电脑: Learn computers from engineer wang

learnfromsth.是什么意思回答:learn from sth 从某事学习

learn sth from sb Learn to do sth 造句We should learn from his mistakes.我们应该从他的错误中接受教训 We learn to crawl before we learn to walk.我们学会走路之

learnfromsth例句请尽快回复………learn from 1.向…学习; 从…获得〔吸取〕 1.向…学习; 从…获得〔吸取〕 A man who

【learnfrom用法】向…学习; 从…获得〔吸取)learn from sb\sth 作业帮用户 2017-11-10 举报

learn from和learn with的区别learn with,用法比较灵活,它后面可以是和人一起,也可以是和某样物品一起。即learn with sb./sth.如:But

learn in,learn about,learn form,learn of的区别learn from sth./sb.(从某人/某事上学到)learn in someplace.(在某个地方学习)learn of sth.(

learn sth from sb 还是learn sth for sb回答:Learn from Comrade Lei Feng. You can learn much knowledge from people surfing the internet.

高中学过有关learn的常考短语有那些?在高中英语考试中常见learn的短语有:learn a thing or two学会一些东西 learn sth from sb/sth learn sth from doing sth lear

learn ,learn from ,learn about ,learn of回答:learn 一般指学习某种语言的比较多,比如learn English learn from 意思是听到获悉 I am sorry to learn of his illness

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