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ComE up For Air是什么意思

come up for air 英[kʌm ʌp fɔ: eə(r)] 美[kʌm ʌp fɔr er] 游上来吸取空气 [例句]But when they start listing areas of deep concern , they can barely come up for air. 然而,一开始罗列这些让人深为不...


Air - Shawn Mendes,Astrid Never thought that we would end up here Shoulda known it from the start I know you mean it when you say you love me But we're trying way too hard Used to think that we would last forever How could I ha...

A 考查连词;A. while 当…时候,虽然,然而,B. or否则,C. for因为,D. so 因此,句意是;大多数鲸鱼几分钟后要浮出水面呼吸,但还有些可以在水下呆一个小时或更多。选A。



1.d 2.a 3.a 6.c 9.b 10.a 因为是身体以外的空气


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