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be appointed as和be appointed to有什么区别?- be appointed 是 appoint 的被动语态,主语为 appoint 的受体,be appointed as = be appointed


appoint是什么意思第三人称单数:appoints过去分词:appointed现在进行时:appointing过去式:appointed 例句:1.But he has yet to appoint a government

C . has been appointed D . had appointed  C   { 在 This is the first time that 句型中,从句常用现在完成时,且 appoint

appoint,assign,designate,constitute都有任命、指派、委派appoint的意思是“任命,指派,委任”,后多跟职位一类的名词;例:They appointed him Minister of Education.他们任命他为教育部长

appointed怎么记appointed 英 [ə'pɒɪntɪd] 美 [ə'pɔɪntɪd]adj. 约定的,指定的 v

appointment形容词是什么?appointment相关的形容词是appointed,意为“约定的,指定的”。比如,appointed time 约定的时间,指定的时间。

英语语法问题 appoint 和appointment的短语 和用法 谢谢To appoint 是动词 指派,委任,派 Appointmemt 是名词 哟会,任命,任用 The teacher appointed him as the class president.老

disappointed是什么意思及反义词disappointed是失望的意思 反义词是satisfied满意的。

new president ___ for this collegeA appointed B应该选C.此句为虚拟语气,president 后省略了should.should 后接动词原形,又因校长是“被任命


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