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how to learn chinese for foreigners There are more people to learn chinese at present . but they always think it is difficult to learn it . Especially they dislike to remember characters by heart . I always think about this questions to learning chinese . I

How to learn Chinese?Maybe many foreigners will be confuse about this question,but as a CHinese ,it's not a difiicult question. First ,to learn Chinese ,we should begin with remember Chinese characters.Then we can read fluently.Next ,we should

内容:You want to learn Chinese? Oh, I think you should have a lot to learn. For example, go to Chinese school. As long as you do, you will learn very well, of course, to see more Chinese language newspapers and books and television can raise

Want to learn Chinese, can go to Chinese classes, with professional teachers, can learn fast, of course, but if you don't want to attend to self-study, also can. Chinese newspapers and periodicals usually look, and often read, for your Chinese

第一参可以加中文学习班,还可以像老师和同学请教、 第二、尽可能的多看中文书刊和电视 第三学唱中文歌曲、最后还可以交一些中国朋友


Hello Peter!To learn Chinese, experience, should do 1, to participate in Chinese language classes,2, fancy instruments, television,3, learn to sing Chinese songs,4 Chinese friends.

Hi,David I'm very glad to hear that you will come to China for Chinese study.Here we have Chinese oral class training of summer holiday in XiaMen on June,20th.This is a primary level and the tuition just only $60. I would like to be the assistant for

heiio,tom. i am lihua. how are you ? l have many good movie.i want to you see. jicket chen is a good actor in china .his has mang good movie.<shao lin si>is very nice.you should go and see. can you write to me soon? lihua

Dear Tim I am very glad to receive your letter. Now let me tell you something about how to learn Chinese well. Learning Chinese just like learning any other foreign language,


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