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登鹳雀楼 On the Stork Tower [唐] 王之涣 [don] Wang Zhihuan 白日依山尽,the sun along the mountain bows,黄河入海流.the yellow river seawards.欲穷千里目,you can enjoy a great sight,更上一层楼.by climbing to a greater height.

登鹳雀楼ascends the stork 雀 building 白日依山尽, leaning on the mountains splendidly is the sinking sun黄河入海流. inpouring the ocean sublimely is the golden river欲穷千里目, craving to exhaust the thousand-mile prospect is your love更上一层楼. and you'll widen your view a thousand li.

Ascends the stork que building

《登鹳雀楼》On The Heron Tower

huang xiren have to go here and spare yellow crane tower. huang gone, clouds golden empty leisurely. qingchuan distinctly hanyang trees, fragrant grass parrot island. higurashi village where kwan is on lakeshore river is indeed worrying.假如没什么问题的话,请及时采纳

登鹳雀楼-诗文英译 网络上搜索的译作: Wang Chih-huan (695- ?) On the Stork Tower* As daylight fades away along the hill, The Yellow River flows into the sea. To look for views of a thousand li** away, Go mounting another storey of the Towe

Gordon Guanque Tower Behind the mountain the sun, Yellow River currents. For a grander sight, Further. http://www.ebigear.com/translate.html不好意思,因时伧促这是我用在线翻译译的.供你参考.

呃,到底是通俗还是有点意境啊~~The view on GuanQue TowerDown went the sun behind the majestic mountains,as the Yellow River flowed into the vast ocean.Go on one more story to overlook the land, to be embraced by the grandeur it shall command.

登(dēng) 鹳(guàn) 雀(què) 楼(lóu) 白(bái) 日(rì) 依(yī) 山(shān) 尽(jìn),黄(huáng) 河(hé) 入(rù) 海(hǎi) 流(liú).欲(yù) 穷(qióng) 千(qiān) 里(lǐ) 目(mù),更(gèng) 上(shàng) 一(yì) 层(céng) 楼(lóu).

Ming LouYu waves break wind soft,Brigitte tree haw flowers on thin quiet.Eagle habitat stork Hastings river marsh show,Before the court of caphtor Qiu nothosaur scene.

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